Creating a Character

Creating a Character

The first step to creating a character within Black Horizon is to imagine what sort of character you want to be, or what sort of concept you would like to play. Perhaps you are an agile stalker in the shadows, taking out enemies by surprise and using suppressed weaponry. You could also be the veteran soldier, who takes out enemies with his shotgun. Maybe you just want to blow shit up, and embrace the assault capabilities of the Mechanized Assault Exo-Skeleton (MAX) armed with rocket launchers, flame throwers, and chain guns. Any archetypal character can be made to life within Black Horizon.


Experience is the key way your character will progress in Black Horizon. At the end of every session, your Gamemaster will award you a certain amount of experience, which you can use to upgrade your skills, acquire perks, or purchase certifications.

  • Every Character starts off with 175 Experience Points

Within Black Horizon, there are a total of 7 skills that define certain attributes about your character. Each skill is used differently, some you may use more than others, but each skill certainly has its place. Each Skill is ranked on a scale from 1-10. 1 being your average humans ability, and 10 being an expert. Every skill for a new character starts at 1, and the experience point cost to raise a skill is 10 x the skill rank you wish to purchase.

For example: James wants to raise his toughness from 1 to 4. He would have to purchase each individual skill rank from 1 to 4, so is first purchase would be Toughness Rank 2, which would cost him 20 Experience, followed by Toughness Rank 3, which would cost 30 Experience, and then Toughness Rank 4, which would cost 40 experience, so in total, he would have to spend 90 Experience to raise his Toughness from 1 to 4.

Melee Skill (MS) – This is the character’s ability at fighting hand-to-hand (or tentacle or whatever).

Ballistic Skill (BS) – This is the character’s ability to fire ranged weapons accurately.

Strength (S) – Indicates how much damage a character does if it hits another character in combat

Toughness (T) – Indicates how well a character resists certain effects.

Intelligence (IT) – Represents general knowledge.

Wounds (W) – A hit that inflicts damage causes Wounds. Once a character reaches their Wound Maximum, that character is killed. Player Characters gain 5 Wounds per rank of this skill.

Initiative (I) – This dictates the order in which models fight in combat.


Perks represent acquired knowledge throughout a lifetime. Perks in general, grant special bonuses when making a specific check. Some perks may have prerequisites, where you would have to purchase the prerequisite first before you can get the perk. Perks range in pricing for experience.

Perk List


Certifications represent what your character can use, and are what gives players access to different weapons, armor, vehicles and abilities. Each character starts off with 7 Certification points, and a new certification point costs 50 Experience points.

Certification Description Prerequisites Certification Point Cost
Light Armor The Light Exo-Suits are issued to every soldier. While they do allow the wearer to run faster than the Medium Exo-Suits, its smaller inventory, single pistol slot, and single rifle holster mean these suits aren’t the best when it comes to battle. - -
Medium Armor With about twice the protection of Light Exo-Suits and the flexibility of a second pistol slot and larger inventory, the Medium Exo-Suits are a vast improvement. You still maintain good foot speed. - -
Reinforced Armor This is the heaviest infantry armor available. With two pistol holsters, two rifle holsters and a large inventory space, this armor is well suited for battle. However, the bulk of the armor reduces your foot speed and is a significant tradeoff in terms of mobility - 3
Infiltration Suit While this is not technically armor, the “stealth suit” allows you to cloak yourself on the battlefield to avoid visual detection. The Infiltration Suit provides no armor protection, doesn’t allow the use of a rifle, and has a very small inventory. - 2
MAX The Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit—or MAX unit—provides a huge amount of protection for its wearer. The heavy armor means that MAX units move slower than typical infantry. The MAX also offers the most firepower, having access to heavy weaponry (and more of it), and being able to bear all weapons at once. Think of the MAX as a walking tank. Reinforced Armor 6
Standard Assault (Weaponry) - -
Medium Assault (Weaponry) - 2
Heavy Assault (Weaponry) Medium Assault 4
Special Assault (Weaponry) Medium Assault 3
Elite Assault (Weaponry) Special Assault 1
Anti-Vehicular (Weaponry) Medium Assault 3
Sniping (Weaponry) Medium Assault 3
Medical Allows use of the Medical Applicator for healing other soldiers and yourself. - 3
Advanced Medical Allows for revival of fallen teammates by use of the Medical Applicator. Medical 2
Engineering Allows use of the BANK (Basic Armor Nano Kit). - 3
Combat Engineering Allows the deployment of Boomers, Mines, Spitfires, and Motion Sensors. Engineering 2
Assault Engineering Provides Access ToField Deployment Unit (FDU) and Aegis Shield Generator Combat Engineering 2
Advanced Engineering This certification is designed for defensive Engineering, and therefor comes with Deployables that make it harder for enemies to approach, or laying down suppresive fire. Provides access to the ACE. Combat Engineering 2
Hacking Provides access to the REK - 2
Advanced Hacking Usage of the REK now allows disabling of enemy machinery, and vehicles. Hacking 3
Expert Hacking Usage of the REK now allows you to take control of enemy machinery and vehicles Advanced Hacking 3

Creating a Character

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